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Sep 07 2016

Skipper in the Garage

This is Skipper.

Skipper is lucky that she is in the garage because she is usually is not allowed to stay in the garage. Sometimes she is allowed to go in when we are in the garage, when it is raining sometime we let her in,or if it is cold snowy or icey we let her in to. Most of the time she likes it better outside. We love her so much.

Sep 05 2016

Animal of the week: Antelope

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Antelope are herbivores, which means they eat only plants.  Although there is 1 odd exception: some duiker species have been known to kill and eat insects, small mammals, and birds. The majority of antelope tend to be content to munch on bushes and smaller trees or graze on grass.

All antelope have horns; in some species they are only found on the males, whereas in others, such as gazelles, both males and females have them. The horns are made of a bony core encased in a hard material made largely of keratin (the same substance our fingernails are made of!).

Antelopes are in the family Bovidae.  A group of antelope is called a herd. Both the male and female antelope have horns, but those of males tend to be larger.

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Jul 19 2016

Very Confusing Riddle


What am I ?

First, you throw away the outside and cook the inside. When I am done cooking, you eat the inside and throw away the inside.








Corn on the Cob !!!!!!!!                                                     

First you peel off the husk, and then you cook the corn. When the corn is done you eat the corn and throw away the cob.

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If you guessed me, your right !!!!!


Jul 07 2016

Science Word of the Week – Buoyancy

Buoyancy helps things float and stay above the water.

Definition -The ability to float on water or  an other fluid 

 Ever wondered how a life vest worked?  The answer is buoyancy.  The way buoyancy work is that when the density of the fluid and of the object are equal.  So when the object  is more dense then the fluid the object sinks. Gravity also works in buoyancy Buoyancy also called upthrust. A life vest works because you already displace some of the water, so the life vest only has to  displace enough water to keep  your head above water.

Life vests use buoyancy to help people float

Buoyancy is a great word to keep in mind during the summer months especially as people are spending more time in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Even if you are a good swimmer it is a good idea to have a life jacket handy or one those fun buoyant noodles that float around the pool.  It is better to be safe than to put yourself at risk or in danger.

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Jul 04 2016

Brina’s Rube Goldberg Team Creation – Hit the Cup!


Video of one of my Rube Goldberg Creations!

Last week I went to summer camp while my parents were at work.  We went to a camp called CCES – Summer Encounters.  In the morning I did a camp on Technology and Music.  In the afternoon I did a class about Rube Goldberg.  The Rube Goldberg camp was my favorite!  It was a lot of fun building a lot of different creations to do fun little tasks. We worked in teams, used our creativity, and had a great time!

My first Rube Goldberg contraption was creating a system of devices that helps us get our ball from the start of the maze like creation to the end where it lands in the cup.  The video is of our ball completing the tasks we designed it to do.   The ball has to go through a bunch of different mazes and items we created for it and lands in a cup at the very end.

What is Rube Goldberg?

Rube Goldberg is known for his comics and for inventing complex machines to complete simple tasks.  He has created various contraptions, inventions, devices, or apparatus  by making it harder than necessary to perform a task.  Through a series of chain reactions and devices you can make do something serious, fun, or silly.

There is an actual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest where college and high school students build devices to complete a simple task.  The students have to use at least 20 steps Every year teams from all over the world compete to create a Rube Goldberg Machine which is an overly complex contraption, designed with humor and a narrative, to accomplish a simple task. The machine typically involves a chain reaction of events to produce, the final simple step. In his honor, campers will enjoy the challenge to turn a simple task, like flipping a light switch on with the flick of a finger, into an incredible maze of steps of reactions to finally end with task completion, like the light switch being flipped on.

This week during our summer camp we choose to do our own Rube Goldberg creations.  We are not competing in the big competition, but we had a lot of fun creating a variety of silly contraption.  My group created the following items:

  • A Ball that goes through a series of mazes and lands in a cup
  • A Zipline
  • Turn the lights off in the room

I worked with a lot of different people throughout the week to create these inventions.  It was fun being creative, silly, and finding interesting ways to make these items.  There was a lot of creativeness, laughter, and fun going on in our classroom.  My parents were excited to hear about the items we worked on throughout each day.