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Sep 02 2016

The Chocolate Moose in Maine

This is the chocolate moose in Maine. Her name is Lenny. The chocolate moose is life size. The chocolate moose weighs 1700 pounds of milk chocolate.

Jul 19 2016

Very Confusing Riddle


What am I ?

First, you throw away the outside and cook the inside. When I am done cooking, you eat the inside and throw away the inside.








Corn on the Cob !!!!!!!!                                                     

First you peel off the husk, and then you cook the corn. When the corn is done you eat the corn and throw away the cob.

Photo Credit 

If you guessed me, your right !!!!!


Jul 18 2016

Maine – GIANT Chocolate Moose!

Me, My Mom, and my sister Karlie in front of Lenny the giant chocolate moose!

We visited friends near Portland, Maine.  One of the places we stopped to visit was a family owned business.  Inside the store they had a giant Chocolate Moose, named Lenny!  The moose was BIG!  Someone took a lot of time to make and design Lenny.  I wanted to touch it but it was in a section that you can look but not touch (which is probably good because if everyone touched it the chocolate would probably melt)!

Beside Lenny the chocolate moose was a chocolate bear with her cubs.  Even though we did not taste test Lenny we did get some other chocolate from the store and it was very yummy.  If you are in Portland and looking for something fun, different, and tasty you should say “hi” to Lenny the large chocolate moose.

Jul 13 2016

Kinder Joy: Candy & Toy Filled Eggs from India

Karlie and I enjoyed these delicious Kinder Joy candy and toy filled eggs for the first time when my Dad went to India!  I never knew they made them until he brought them home to share with us.  Recently one of his co-workers brought each of us a Kinder Joy egg back from India for us.  We LOVED it!

The Kinder Joy is an orange and white egg shape (a lot like the eggs you hunt for around Easter).  Half of the egg contains a yummy white and milk chocolate candy with a crunchy goodness that you eat with a little spoon that comes inside the egg.  The other half of the egg contains an neat little too.  It is a fun treat that you get both a tasty snack AND a toy in one cute egg.

Thank you Daddy for introducing us to these goodies.  Also, a big thank you to his co-worker for being thoughtful and bringing us back these sweet, fun treats to enjoy!

Dec 20 2014

My Christmas Tree Candy


This is my candy Christmas Tree.  It is very good.  You should try it.  I did it at school at my Christmas Party.  Have Fun!!

Christmas Tree Candy Ingredients:

  • Waffle Ice Cream Cone
  • Green Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Bowl
  • Starburst
  • Wrapped Chocolate Candy

First, you get the ice cream cone and put it upside down in a bowl. Then put the green frosting on the waffle cone.  Add sprinkles and mini M&M’s to decorate your candy Christmas Tree.  Finally, put the starburst and wrapped chocolate at the base of the Christmas Tree for the gifts.

Christmas Tree Cookie Waffle Cone Christmas Decoration