Nov 25 2012

At Home I Play with Brina

Having “fun with sis” while playing with our pet goat Oreo

At home I like to play with Brina.  We play with horses, dogs, and goats.  We also like to play horse farm and goat farm.

Sometimes we play games in the woods.  Each day we play a little or big game.  I like to play with my sister.  I like to have fun.


Grandma Penny 16-12-2012, 02:13

The goats love to play with you girls. Grandpa Veryln gave Grandma Doris a billy goat one year for Christmas. You will have to ask him about it.

Aunt Renelle 09-01-2013, 01:23

I thought that was a nanny goat? If it was a billy goat why did we call her Nanny? She was a mean goat though! She thought she was the Queen of Grandpa Verlyn’s yard. I have a video of it. I will have to show you. It is of the goat and the peacocks challenging each other!


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