Nov 12 2014

My Tie Dye Craft

My craft is a tie-dye on a piece of paper.  This is a fun craft that you will enjoy!

Items You Will Need:

  • Piece of Paper
  • Markers
  • Paint Brush
  • Water

What you do:

  • Get a  a piece of paper.
  • Then color the piece of paper using the markers.
  • Then spread water on it using a paint brush.
  • Wait for it to dry and you have your tie-dye masterpiece.
Nov 10 2014

Skipper Peeking in the Window

One day we were in the kitchen we and saw Skipper, our dog, peeking in the window.

Skipper wanted to see want I was doing.

Skipper is a funny dog sometimes.

But I love her.

Do you have dog?

The picture is a little fuzzy because I took it through the window and screen, but you can still see my silly dog peeking at me!

Nov 07 2014

Cookie is a white dog.

She is a toy dog.

Sometimes Cookie doesn’t obey very well.

When she gos to bed, she likes to play.

I like Cookie!

Nov 05 2014

PlasmaCar Blue

My sister, friends,  and I play with a blue PlasmaCar a lot.  Several years ago my parents got us the car for Christmas.  It has been a big hit with all the kids!  We keep the car downstairs so we can play with it on the tile floor.  It goes a lot faster on the tile floor.  The car is a lot of fun and we ride it all the time.  Everyone wants a turn riding on the car.  I have listed both the positive and negatives of the PlasmaCar.

PlasmaCar Positives:

  • There are no gears on the car
  • No batteries needed to run it
  • No pedals to get it moving; only your body movements
  • It’s super easy to steer
  • It can move on tile, hardwood floors, linoleum, sidewalks, and more
  • You can get it moving really fast
  • It is fun to play with and ride
  • It is colorful, ours is blue and red, but you can get it in a variety of different of colors


PlasmaCar Negatives:

  • I have to wait my turn to ride on the PlasmaCar
  • At times my sister acts like she will run over my toes which scares me!


FunWithSis Rating for the PlasmaCar:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I give the PlasmaCar our top rating of 5 smiles because it has been a toy that we have played with for several years.  It is durable, something we can still play with as we get older, and it is a lot of fun!

The PlasmaCar has been a lot of fun for me, my sister, and for our friends that visit our house.  We keep our PlasmaCar inside most of the time, occasionally we’ll ride it in the garage.  If you are looking for a great gift for a kid on your list the PlasmaCar is one I highly recommend!


Nov 03 2014

My Cat Pumpkin

My pumpkin is a cat.

I like my pumpkin so much.

Do you have a pumpkin?

We put a light in it and at night it glows like a light.

It is on my front porch.

My sister made a pumpkin too.