Feb 25 2014

What would happen if I never went to school?

I would not be as smart as I am if I never went to school.

I would never learn how to read well.

I would not learn anything about school items like math, science, social studies and more.

It would be hard to find great work if I didn’t go to school.

It would be hard to drive if I didn’t go to school.

School helps me learn so many great things that I can use now and later in my life.

The smart thing to do would be to just go to school!

Feb 20 2014


If I found a magic wand….

I would play with the magic wand with my pets.

Take it everywhere I go.

I would eat with it too.

Play games with it.

If I had one wish from my magic wand I would wish for more pets!

The picture is of one of my favorite pets, Skipper, my black lab dog!

Feb 18 2014

If I won a million dollars I would….

Save my money because I want more pets.

I would train my pets.

I would have so many fun pets.

I would use a train to travel with my pets. 

It would be fun to have more pets.

I really love animals.

The picture is from one of my trips to Kansas.  I got to feed my Uncle’s pigs, cows, and kittens while I was there.

Feb 14 2014

There are many objects in this world.

I love machines and enjoy learning how they work.

Once I went on a long journey to explore and learn about how machines help people.

I see machines helping farmers plant fields.

I notice how machines help make roads.

A machine helps me do my power point presentations.

Machines give my Mom and Dad a helping hand in the kitchen.

I ride to school and around town in a machine.

Machines help me, my family, my friends, and others get through each day.

If I take some time to think about it there are machines all around me.

Feb 13 2014

I love school.

School is fun.

I learn a lot at school.

I love recess.

I have fun learning so many things at school!