Feb 12 2014

Today, I wrote down my morning schedule.

  1. Wake up and get out of bed
  2. Get dressed
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Brush my teeth
  5. Comb my hair
  6. Read a little bit before leaving for school, if I have time  (I love reading)
  7. Pick up my lunch box
  8. Head downstairs to the van
  9. Get buckled into the “Wild Blueberry”
  10. Drive to school with Mom and Brina

Every school day is a little different so I don’t have a set schedule for that part of my day.  Each day I have an extra activity such as music, PE, art, computer, and more.  A couple of my favorites school activities are STEM Lab and  GT, which stands for Gifted & Talented.

Most days after school I have an activities I go to as well, including my favorite which is STEM Club on Wednesdays. After my activities I have to get all my homework done then it’s time for my shower, dinner, and time with my family.  Right before bed we do family devotions and pray then I brush my teeth.  My Dad and Mom take time at the end of the day when they tuck me in bed to talk with me about my day.  I love talking with my Mom and Dad!  It is a fun part of my day!


Feb 11 2014

I think my teacher should get a bunny for a classroom pet.  The bunny would be named Fuzzy.  Fuzzy would be a girl.  She would have white fur and black eyes.  Why, should my teacher get a bunny for a classroom pet?  Because they are cute, soft, and the perfect size to live in a classroom.


The pictures are from an adventure my sister and I went on with our parents.  It was a Fall activity with the Moms of Multiples Club and we got to feed and pet several farm animals including bunnies!

Feb 10 2014


School is fun!

I love to learn all day and night.

It is fun to learn no matter what different things come my way.

I just keep on learning day and night.

Oh, the things I can learn.

Oh, the things I can read.

Even though hard things may come my way and take a little more work, I still learn a lot.

School is all about learning.

And learning is fun.

How I know it’s fun to learn?

I know because I do it everyday!

Feb 07 2014


Horses, Horses, Horses.

Gray, black, white, and brown.

Horses, Horses, Horses.

Running, galloping, trotting, and playing around.

Oh, how I love horses!

Picture from my 6th birthday party at Welcome Ranch!  I have loved horses for a long time!  My sis and I got to ride on Montana together at our party.

Feb 06 2014


The funniest thing that I have ever seen is when my goat walks on two legs and stands up.  He usually does this when he wants to get some leaves.  He doesn’t stay on two legs very long, but some day I will get a picture of him being silly and walking on two legs.   It always makes me laugh!