Jan 01 2014

Riding “Montana” at Horse Camp

If I had a horse it would be brown and black.

It would be a thoroughbred and a tall one.

It would be fast and gentle.

It would have a black mane and tail.

It would have a brown body and a white star on it’s face.

It would be fun and friendly.

I would love to own horse.

Dec 31 2013

Brina and I love candy!

Candy can be sweet.

Candy can be sour.

Candy can be hard.

Candy can be soft.

We LOVE candy!

Dec 30 2013

The goats are silly.  One time the goats were in the doghouse.  They slept in the doghouse too.  My silly goats.

Dec 29 2013

I love to read!

I like when I have extra time because I get to read!

I have more time to read on Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes I read when I am at school.

I have fun reading.

Do you like to read?

Dec 29 2013

Me and my sis

I have a dog.

I have Skipper.

I have goats.

I have Oreo. 

I have Coconut.

I have Snowball.

I have fish.

I have six blue fish.

I have two turtles.

I have Shipwreck.

I have Overboard.

I have people.

I have Mom.

I have Dad.

I have Karlie.

I have me.

I have a family!