Dec 30 2013

The goats are silly.  One time the goats were in the doghouse.  They slept in the doghouse too.  My silly goats.

Dec 29 2013

I love to read!

I like when I have extra time because I get to read!

I have more time to read on Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes I read when I am at school.

I have fun reading.

Do you like to read?

Dec 29 2013

Me and my sis

I have a dog.

I have Skipper.

I have goats.

I have Oreo. 

I have Coconut.

I have Snowball.

I have fish.

I have six blue fish.

I have two turtles.

I have Shipwreck.

I have Overboard.

I have people.

I have Mom.

I have Dad.

I have Karlie.

I have me.

I have a family!

Dec 29 2013

My family

I love you Daddy. 

Daddy I love you.

Mommy I love you.

I love you Mom.

I love you Dad.

Mom I love you.

Karlie I love you. 

I love you Karlie.

Brina loves you!

Dec 29 2013

I have a lot of stuffed animals.

A few of them are horses, dogs, turtles, bears, baby dolls, and bunnies.

I like my stuffed animals.

Do you like stuffed animals?