Dec 18 2012

Playing outside with my goats – Coconut, Oreo, and Snowball

I have goats. 

My goats are funny.

I love you Oreo!

I love you Coconut!

I love you Snowball!

I love goats. 

I love my goats!

Dec 13 2012

Another one of our favorite horse books!

I had a book.  Brina liked it.  The book was called “I Love Horses”.

Brina had a horse poster that I loved.  I am thankful for my sister because we can share our books, posters, and toys!

Dec 11 2012

Skipper……my funny dog!

A funny dog is a funny dog. 

Skipper is my funny dog. 

I love her even when she is bad. 

She is funny. 

I like her. 

I can tell you a couple funny stories. 

One time when we were playing catch Skipper caught the ball instead of me, it was funny. 

Skipper likes to climb up the ladder and take naps in our jungle gym.

Skipper is fun. 


Dec 05 2012

Karlie hanging out with little Oreo

The goat Christmas was great because the goats were good.  They ate sticks for breakfast.  I don’t know why they did that?  I got the goats a toy for Christmas.

Dec 03 2012

One of my goats favorite treats are green leaves

One day when I was outside and I saw my goats.  I said to them “Happy Halloween”!  They said “maa….maa….maa….”!  That’s how they say “Happy Halloween” to me!