Nov 29 2012

Coconut, Oreo, and Snowball munching on some leaves

One Day we looked at the goats collars and Coconut had an ouchie.  The prong of the collar caused a sore on his neck.  I think it must have hurt really bad. He can ran fast, but he let us put medicine and a bandage on him.  After a couple days his neck was healed.

Nov 28 2012

Karlie and Brina ice skating for the first time with Daddy!

I love you Daddy.

You are fun!

I want to play a game with you.

What do you want to play?

Nov 25 2012

I love candy more than bags.

I love candy more than shoes.

I love candy more than trees.

Photo by Rochelle

Nov 25 2012

Playing outside with my silly goats

The goats eat shoe strings, coats, cans, cheese, eggs, fish, carrots, napkins, papers, string beans, peas, and boxes.  Isn’t it funny to think about all the silly things a goat will try to eat?  Yes!

Nov 25 2012

Our turtles “Shipwreck” and “Overboard”

I have lot of fun with the turtles.  Shipwreck and Overboard are turtles.  The turtles are one year old.  My turtles are green.