Nov 25 2012

I love candy more than bags.

I love candy more than shoes.

I love candy more than trees.

Photo by Rochelle

Nov 25 2012

Playing outside with my silly goats

The goats eat shoe strings, coats, cans, cheese, eggs, fish, carrots, napkins, papers, string beans, peas, and boxes.  Isn’t it funny to think about all the silly things a goat will try to eat?  Yes!

Nov 25 2012

Our turtles “Shipwreck” and “Overboard”

I have lot of fun with the turtles.  Shipwreck and Overboard are turtles.  The turtles are one year old.  My turtles are green.

Nov 25 2012

My Dad spinning with us on the teacup….silly Daddy!

Coconut’s neck was hurt.  One of the medicines we got for him was blue.  My Dad was testing it and sprayed his finger.  It stained his finger for awhile.

Nov 25 2012

My fish, you can barely see them next to the seashells (they move fast so it is hard to get a picture).

I have lots of fun with the fish.  My fish are fast.  The fish are one month old.  My fish are blue.