Nov 25 2012

Skipper popping the bubbles we were blowing on the front porch

I have lots of fun with Skipper.  Skipper is a dog.  Skipper is two years old.  My dog is black. She is a black lab.

Nov 25 2012

My dog Skipper

Skipper was a bear for Halloween.  She ran around the yard looking for squirrels.  She was a cute bear.

Nov 25 2012

Karlie playing in the haystack

I love Karlie more than goats.

I love Karlie more than a dog.

I love Karlie more than fish.

I love Karlie more than turtles.

I love Karlie more than horses.

I love Karlie a lot.

Nov 25 2012

Having fun with our goats

My Goats were horses for Halloween.   Oreo was a black horse. Snowball was a brown and white horse. Coconut was a white horse.  The goats pranced around the yard carrying little bags begging for treats so I gave them carrots.

Nov 25 2012

Hanging out with my buddy – Skipper!

On my farm I have goats, a dog, fish, and turtles.  These are the animals on my farm.  These are the animals that can run fast and swim fast.  The animals names are Skipper, Oreo, Coconut, Snowball, Shipwreck, Overboard, and fish.  These are my fast animals.