Aug 17 2016


Scientific name: Vermilingua
Lifespan: Giant anteater: 16 years
Higher classification: Pilosa
Gestation period: Southern tamandua: 130 – 190 days
Mass: Giant anteater: 73 – 90 lbs, Southern tamandua: 3.3 – 19 lbs,Silky anteater: 6.2 – 14 oz
Length: Giant anteater: 6 – 7.1 ft., Southern tamandua: 13 – 35 in., Silky anteater: 14 – 18 in.


Anteater is a common name for the four mammal species who are known for eating ants and termites. Anteaters live primarily in Central and South America.   They enjoy tropical forests and grassland ecosystems.  The four main types are different sizes. The silky anteater is the size of a squirrel and the giant anteater can reach 7 feet (2.1 meters) long (measuring from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail).

 According to National Geographic, anteaters will eat around 35,000 ants and termites whole everyday. states that they also eat other grubs and insects occasionally as well. Each anteater species has its own insect preference.

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Aug 15 2016

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What kind of dog hands

out tickets?

A police dog!


Teacher: “If there are ten cats in a boat and one jumps out, how many are left?” Jeffrey: “None, they all were copycats!”

“It’s raining cats and dogs today.”

“I know. I just stepped into a poodle.”


A farmer riding a horse  saw a dog on the road. ” Good morning ” said the dog . “I didn’t known dogs could talk,”said the farmer out loud.Neither did I ,” said the horse.

Which dog always

knows what time it is?

A watch dog!

Laura was walking her dog.  A policeman came and asked, “Dose that dog have a license?” “He doesn’t need one” replied Laura. “He isn’t old enough to drive!”

When is it proper to serve milk in a saucer?

When you feed a cat!

Maria: “I’ve got a cat who can say his own name.”Emily: “That’s great. What’s your cats name?”

Maria: “Meow!”

What kind of dog  

dose a person bite?

A hot dog!

James: “I can yell ‘Spot Spot Spot’ all day and my dog won’t come to me. Darrell: “Why not?”

James: “His name is Fred!”

What’s the opposite

of cool cat? 

A hot dog

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Jul 27 2016

This is Snowball. He is my goat. I love him a lot. He is white with a little brown. He is looking at the camera and is curious!


This is also Snowball in the snow he looks like a white baby buffalo in the snow.

Jul 25 2016

The pony that we saw

My family spent time at Hollywild!  It is a great to visit in the Greenville area if you enjoy animals.  They have a lot of different animals, even a petting zoo with farm animals.  It is a fun to go with your family.

By the lake.

Jul 22 2016


Mike, Ashley, and Bradley gave my sister and I Insta-Snow Powder for our birthday!  It is AMAZING! My Mom, sister, and I played with it for hours. It was cool to play with snow inside. It was easy to make, you just add water.


A cool messages that I made for my Mom in the snow.



Playing in it. So much fun.