Jul 25 2016

The pony that we saw

My family spent time at Hollywild!  It is a great to visit in the Greenville area if you enjoy animals.  They have a lot of different animals, even a petting zoo with farm animals.  It is a fun to go with your family.

By the lake.

Jul 22 2016


Mike, Ashley, and Bradley gave my sister and I Insta-Snow Powder for our birthday!  It is AMAZING! My Mom, sister, and I played with it for hours. It was cool to play with snow inside. It was easy to make, you just add water.


A cool messages that I made for my Mom in the snow.



Playing in it. So much fun.


Jul 20 2016

Snowball looks all clean before he got his funny stripe!

Snowball is a white goat with a little bit of brown.  He is always finding a tree or something to help him scratch an itch.  Today when we came outside he had a big black strip across his belly.  Earlier that weekend we were burning branches and a tree stump that had fallen in our yard.  He must have decided that the remaining charcoal stump was a good place to scratch an itch on his belly.  He looked hilarious!  Silly goat!

Jul 19 2016


What am I ?

First, you throw away the outside and cook the inside. When I am done cooking, you eat the inside and throw away the inside.








Corn on the Cob !!!!!!!!                                                     

First you peel off the husk, and then you cook the corn. When the corn is done you eat the corn and throw away the cob.

Photo Credit 

If you guessed me, your right !!!!!


Jul 18 2016

Me, My Mom, and my sister Karlie in front of Lenny the giant chocolate moose!

We visited friends near Portland, Maine.  One of the places we stopped to visit was a family owned business.  Inside the store they had a giant Chocolate Moose, named Lenny!  The moose was BIG!  Someone took a lot of time to make and design Lenny.  I wanted to touch it but it was in a section that you can look but not touch (which is probably good because if everyone touched it the chocolate would probably melt)!

Beside Lenny the chocolate moose was a chocolate bear with her cubs.  Even though we did not taste test Lenny we did get some other chocolate from the store and it was very yummy.  If you are in Portland and looking for something fun, different, and tasty you should say “hi” to Lenny the large chocolate moose.