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Sep 06 2016

Two Little Troublemakers

Inline image 1

Those are dog houses, NOT goat houses!!!

My mom was in the van going to work when she saw that the two dog houses were occupied not with dogs but two naughty goats!  Because it was cold outside and wet, the goats did not want to sleep outside.  For some reason, the goat house did not seem as inviting as the two dog houses side by side. Skipper the dog, that was meant  to be in the dog houses, was near the warm garage hoping that she would be able to make it open so she could get in there.

Jul 15 2016

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


Good Boy Dargo! Even as a little girl I loved animals!

This is a picture of me and my twin sister, Karlie, petting our first dog Dargo.  He was a good dog and let us do anything to him.  He made me giggle!

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up…..

I want to be a vet or zookeeper when I grow up.  I may only be 11 years old, but I have been excited about having an opportunity to work with animals when I am an adult.   I love animals!  Any animal!  One of my favorite activities is spending time with animals.  Anytime I get to hang out with animals I am happy.  Working with animals is a lot of fun.

I am always looking for ways to train my dog Skipper.  For special treats to make for her.  Recently I made a “pupsicle” for her.  It is a homemade popsicle, but for a dog (I may share more about it later).  I have also worked on training my goats, they are a little more stubborn to train.  It is always an adventure to figure out which plants that they enjoy munching on for a snack.  It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is I love them all.

I think every animal is special.  Each has it’s own neat things about them.  Animals like people often respond better when they know you care and offer positive words with them.  I look forward to learning more about animals throughout the next few years and figuring out how I will work with animals when I grow up.  I would love to have a huge farm or ranch as an adult with as many animals as I can afford.  My favorite adventures and activities usually involve some type of interaction with animals!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jun 06 2016

My Pets

I have lots of pets. The pets I have are:

  • 1 Dog named Skipper
  • 2 Goats named Oreo and Snowball
  • 2 Turtles named Shipwreck and Overboard
  • 29 Fish they do not all have nam
  • 3 Shrimp named 3 Musketeers


Skipper swimming in our creek.

Oreo is so silly he is trying to lick  the camera.

Snowball looking at us.

Our turtles swimming.

Some of our fish.

Jun 17 2015


P1350727c.jpg (480×300)

Goats are fun and funny.  They will follow you sometimes they will not. I like to play with them because they are fun to play with.  Do you have goats?  If you don’t you should get them.

P1350837c.jpg (337×300)

This is Oreo. He is black and white.

P1350808c.jpg (300×341)

This is Snowball. He is white and brown. He is Toasted Coconut’s brother.

P1350874c.jpg (454×300)

This is Toasted Coconut. He is white and brown. He is Snowball brother.

Oct 06 2014

My Goats

One of my goats is Oreo. Oreo is black with white spots. He loves to follow people. I love him so much!

This is Snowball. He is nice and sweet. He also loves to follow people. I love him so much!


Toasted Coconut is Snowball’s brother. He is so much fun. I love this goat so much.

Peanut Butter the Goat

Peanut is another one of our goats. I love Peanut too.