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Jul 27 2016

My Goat – Snowball

This is Snowball. He is my goat. I love him a lot. He is white with a little brown. He is looking at the camera and is curious!


This is also Snowball in the snow he looks like a white baby buffalo in the snow.

Jul 05 2016

Oreo – My Goat

Oreo looking back at me.

Oreo is my pet goat!  Our family has had him for several years now.  He is black with white on his tummy.  Oreo is a Nigerian Dwarf goat.  He is a boy.  Oreo likes to play, eat lots of leaves, and is very funny.

Leader Oreo.

Snowball and Oreo are always near each other no matter if they are in the yard, their pen, or planning a way to escape into my Mom’s flower gardens.  Last week they got out and ate my Mom’s new plant and blueberry bush (she was not happy), but they goats thought it was a great treat!

Relaxing after all that eating!

Oreo relaxing after eating all his goodies.  Goats like cows will often be seen laying down chewing on their cud.  If you ever watch a goat long enough and it looks like they are just standing or laying their chewing a big piece of bubble gum….they are actually chewing their cud.  A pretty interesting process, the way their stomachs work (very different from our stomach).

Did you know that goats LOVE poison ivy?!  How is it that they can eat a plant that causing so many people to break out in a rash for days or even weeks?  Animals are truly amazing and Oreo is my silly goat who I love, even though he is naughty at times!

Nov 14 2014

Skipper’s Napkin

Karlie, Daddy, Mommy, and I along with my wonderful dog Skipper were sitting at the table, well Skipper was sitting near the table, out on our deck.  While we were eating and my napkin fell on the ground.  Skipper was sitting up when the napkin fell, but when she put her head back down she laid it on the napkin. The napkin was in the perfect spot for her to put her head on it. That was funny.  She had no idea she was laying on the napkin or how funny she looked.  We all had a good laugh!  Skipper is a good sport and knows how to make us laugh!