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Sep 07 2016

Skipper in the Garage

This is Skipper.

Skipper is lucky that she is in the garage because she is usually is not allowed to stay in the garage. Sometimes she is allowed to go in when we are in the garage, when it is raining sometime we let her in,or if it is cold snowy or icey we let her in to. Most of the time she likes it better outside. We love her so much.

Jun 10 2015


P1300872c.jpg (483×300)

Skpper is a black dog. She is a pretty dog too. I train her and sometimes she does not listen. Skipper is fun because she rubs on my leg with her head, it makes me feel important. Do you have a dog?

Nov 14 2014

Skipper’s Napkin

Karlie, Daddy, Mommy, and I along with my wonderful dog Skipper were sitting at the table, well Skipper was sitting near the table, out on our deck.  While we were eating and my napkin fell on the ground.  Skipper was sitting up when the napkin fell, but when she put her head back down she laid it on the napkin. The napkin was in the perfect spot for her to put her head on it. That was funny.  She had no idea she was laying on the napkin or how funny she looked.  We all had a good laugh!  Skipper is a good sport and knows how to make us laugh!


Nov 10 2014

Skipper Peeking in the Window

Skipper Peeking in the Window

One day we were in the kitchen we and saw Skipper, our dog, peeking in the window.

Skipper wanted to see want I was doing.

Skipper is a funny dog sometimes.

But I love her.

Do you have dog?

The picture is a little fuzzy because I took it through the window and screen, but you can still see my silly dog peeking at me!

Oct 29 2014

My Dog

This is Skipper.

She is a Black Lab.

She loves kids.

I love her!