Category: Activities

Dec 18 2012

We Have Goats

Playing outside with my goats – Coconut, Oreo, and Snowball

I have goats. 

My goats are funny.

I love you Oreo!

I love you Coconut!

I love you Snowball!

I love goats. 

I love my goats!

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Nov 28 2012

I Love You Daddy

Karlie and Brina ice skating for the first time with Daddy!

I love you Daddy.

You are fun!

I want to play a game with you.

What do you want to play?

Nov 25 2012

Daddy’s Blue Thumb

My Dad spinning with us on the teacup….silly Daddy!

Coconut’s neck was hurt.  One of the medicines we got for him was blue.  My Dad was testing it and sprayed his finger.  It stained his finger for awhile.