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Dec 20 2012

I Love You Dad & Mom!

To: Mommy & Daddy

I love you Daddy and Mommy!

Can you tell me a story?

Can you play with me?


Karlie Hayes

Nov 28 2012

I Love You Daddy

Karlie and Brina ice skating for the first time with Daddy!

I love you Daddy.

You are fun!

I want to play a game with you.

What do you want to play?

Nov 25 2012

Daddy’s Blue Thumb

My Dad spinning with us on the teacup….silly Daddy!

Coconut’s neck was hurt.  One of the medicines we got for him was blue.  My Dad was testing it and sprayed his finger.  It stained his finger for awhile.

Nov 25 2012

The Weed Goes for a Ride

Weed stuck under my Dad’s car

Our Dad’s car was not working.  It broke down in the parking lot of a store.  When we went to pick it up he was able to get it started.  As we were following him home we noticed something dragging under his car (we thought something was falling off his car) so we pulled over.  After looking under Daddy’s car we discovered that it was actually a weed stuck under his car.  It stayed under the car the whole way home.  That weed decided to go for a ride under our Dad’s car!

Nov 25 2012

I Would Like to Visit India

My Mom and Dad in front of the Charminar in Hyderabad, India

I would like to go to India.  My Mom and Dad went to India.  I want to explore India.