Category: Travel & Vacation

Feb 04 2014

Vacation to the North Pole

I would love to go on vacation to the North Pole.

It would be fun.

I would go with my Dad because my Dad is fun. 

I would stay at the North Pole for 10 days.

I want to see some animals that live at the North Pole.

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Feb 03 2014

High in the Sky

High in the sky where the birds fly.

One day soon I will go high, high, high, up in the sky.

So tiny we are against the massiveness of the sky.

Flying through the sky is fun and sly.

My eyes can fly high, high, high up in the sky and imagine what it will be like to fly so very high some day in that big beautiful sky!

The picture is from our trip to Kennedy Space Center!

Nov 25 2012

I Would Like to Visit India

My Mom and Dad in front of the Charminar in Hyderabad, India

I would like to go to India.  My Mom and Dad went to India.  I want to explore India.