Jul 07 2016

Science Word of the Week – Buoyancy

Buoyancy helps things float and stay above the water.

Definition -The ability to float on water or  an other fluid 

 Ever wondered how a life vest worked?  The answer is buoyancy.  The way buoyancy work is that when the density of the fluid and of the object are equal.  So when the object  is more dense then the fluid the object sinks. Gravity also works in buoyancy Buoyancy also called upthrust. A life vest works because you already displace some of the water, so the life vest only has to  displace enough water to keep  your head above water.

Life vests use buoyancy to help people float

Buoyancy is a great word to keep in mind during the summer months especially as people are spending more time in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Even if you are a good swimmer it is a good idea to have a life jacket handy or one those fun buoyant noodles that float around the pool.  It is better to be safe than to put yourself at risk or in danger.

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