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Jun 20 2016

Lizard in Our Yard

We found this lizard in our yard.  It was under the mud and sand in the yard by our jungle gym. I wanted to keep it, but it ran away.  My mom said she would not let me keep it.  She is not a big fan of lizard or snakes, they startle her.  I don’t think she would like one living in our house, even though I would really love to have one for a pet!

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May 30 2016

Heart Art


Our dry erase board and markers are fun to use to draw neat pictures and put special notes on.  This is a picture that I did for fun for my family the other day.  It is a rainbow of colors in the shape of a heart.  My Mom thought it was very pretty.  I love drawing, coloring, and being creative!  Anything bright, colorful, cheerful, and pretty makes me happy! – Brina