May 30 2016

This is my family  – Dad, Mom, and my sister Karlie.  We took this picture after church.

Mother's Day - Breakfast in Bed

Me, my Dad, and sister made my mom breakfast in bed. Me and my sister did most of it but my Dad helped a little bit. I wish I would get breakfast in bed too.  Maybe some day I will!

Happy Mother's Day

Me and my sister made same stuff including signs for our Mom.

May 30 2016


Our dry erase board and markers are fun to use to draw neat pictures and put special notes on.  This is a picture that I did for fun for my family the other day.  It is a rainbow of colors in the shape of a heart.  My Mom thought it was very pretty.  I love drawing, coloring, and being creative!  Anything bright, colorful, cheerful, and pretty makes me happy! – Brina


Jun 24 2015

P1400032c.jpg (300×330)

My Dad printed 3D  rockets for STEM Clud. They are blue and red.

Jun 17 2015

P1350727c.jpg (480×300)

Goats are fun and funny.  They will follow you sometimes they will not. I like to play with them because they are fun to play with.  Do you have goats?  If you don’t you should get them.

P1350837c.jpg (337×300)

This is Oreo. He is black and white.

P1350808c.jpg (300×341)

This is Snowball. He is white and brown. He is Toasted Coconut’s brother.

P1350874c.jpg (454×300)

This is Toasted Coconut. He is white and brown. He is Snowball brother.

Jun 10 2015

P1300872c.jpg (483×300)

Skpper is a black dog. She is a pretty dog too. I train her and sometimes she does not listen. Skipper is fun because she rubs on my leg with her head, it makes me feel important. Do you have a dog?